Voffcon NodeMcu device server
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 CGPinClass for handling GPIO pins Use it to read from or write to a pin
 CGPinsThis class stores GPin objects which connect the server to device hardware pins para/>
 CGTimeUsed to store time. Depended on which constuctor is used, values can be eather a "date and time" or a "counter" up to 49 days.
 CJsonA class for parsing json strings
 CJsonDataClass for representing elements and objects in a json object. You can use it to browse and get values and add and remove objects from a json.
 CLinkedList< T >A general linked list ready to be used or Inherited
 CLinkedList< IPAddress * >
 CIPAddressListA list to store IP addresses
 CLinkedList< PinWatch * >
 CPinWatchListPinWatchList allows you to add one or more timers and/or monitor value changes on multiple pins
 CListNode< T >
 CListNode< IPAddress * >
 CListNode< PinWatch * >
 CPinValueUsed to store only Number and value of a pin
 CPinWatchUsed to monitor a pin. Can monitor if a pin value changes more or less than something and can monitor if a certain amount of time has passed.